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03 April 2011 @ 10:17 pm
[OLD] Unfilled Requests 2/3- Het, Yuri, etc.  

Note: Only reply to this post to point out unfilled prompts that aren't listed. Questions should go to the Catch-All Post.

This contains all unfilled prompts that are not yaoi, which needed their own page, or threesomes and moresomes, which also needed their own page.

Involving a mix of "any" girls
Any girl from Tsuna-tachi/Chrome: hurt/comfort
Gokudera/TYL!Girl!Anyone: younger Gokudera on top
Any girl/fem!Tsuna: fucking Tsuna with a strap-on

Involving both actual female characters
M.M./Chrome: double finger prenetation
M.M./Chrome: rough sex; trident inside the skirt
Haru/Chrome: foodsex, cake
Viper/Chrome: Mist Battle, illusions
Bianchi/Iris: anything
Chrome/Bianchi: Chrome on top
Kyoko/Chrome: Kyoko is gentle during sex and Chrome cries
Bianchi/M.M: rematch, fightsex
Kyoko/Haru: Maybe 8YL, Kyoko trying to convince they can be a couple because Haru keeps thinking she has to be a good wife

Involving both fem!guys
Ryohei/Gokudera: Gokudera finally wins a fight but is clueless on lesbian sex, gets dominated anyway (see prompt)
Hibari/Girl!Dino or Girl!Hibari/Girl!Dino: Dino was saving herself for marriage but changes her mind once she meets Hibari
Bel/Gokudera: A/U, public sex, Gokudera on bottom
Girl!Mammon/Girl!Fran: magical girl style
Girl!Gokudera/Girl!Hibari: Gokudera uses Hibari's tonfa on her
Girl!Byakuran/Girl!Shouichi: Lady Byakuran invites Shouichi in her private hot spring, bonus if Girl!Mukuro disguised as Girl!Leo walks in on end and acts flustered and secretly wants Girl!Shouichi
Yamamoto/Gokudera: Yamamoto can have casual conversation during sex. Goku wants her to shut up.
G/Gokudera: mafia seduction
fem!Gokudera/fem!Yamamoto: jealousy

Involving mix of actual girls and fem!guys
Haru/Girl!Gokudera: Haru dresses Gokudera in sexy costumes
Girl!Zakuro/Bluebell: tank-sex
Bianchi/Girl!Gokudera: incest, cunnilingus, dub-con, mild bondage, dirty talk.
Bianchi/Girl!G: "I have a legitimate excuse for this somewhere!"
Girl!Tsuna/Chrome: before or during Future Arc, H/C and or/reassurance
Kyoko/Girl!Tsuna: Kyoko tops
fem!Hibari/Adelheid: bloodthirsty Hibari

Involving Any Girl
Any Het Pairing: making the leap frog position comfortable for the female
Any genderswitched girl/Tsuna: strap-on

Adelheid/Enma: fingering, use the chapter 296 spoiler

Adelheid/Hibari: femdom
Hibari/Adelheid: loving desk-sex
Adelheid/Hibari: "I'd be a gentleman, but you're no lady."
Adelheid/Hibari: strap-on
Hibari/Adelheid: consensual oral sex/cunnilingus on Adelheid
Hibari/Adelheid: rough sex after fight
Hibari/Adelheid: sex in the Diamond Castle

Adelheid/Julie: Adelheid punishes Julie for skipping school
Julie/Adelheid: Adelheid looks back and notices the change in Julie's lovemaking

Gamma/Aria: blindfold, fluffy bondage, boss/bodyguard relationship, dominated Gamma
Gamma/Aria: making Uni wait

Dino/Bianchi: foodplay

Bianchi/Gokudera: cuddling

Mukuro/Bianchi: masturbating while possessed

TYL!Ryohei/TYL!Bianchi: Bianchi in a sexy suit, lapdance, rubbing Ryohei to orgasm with his pants on

Squalo/Bianchi: any order, TYL, something clandestine or spur of the moment

Xanxus/Bianchi: anything
Bianchi/Xanxus: femdom

Yamamoto/Bianchi: foodplay, no poison cooking.

Bel/Bluebell: "Show Me Love" by T.A.T.U

Byakuran/Bluebell: sex in Choice battle, Zakuro watching

Squalo/Bluebell: hatesex

D. Spade/Chrome: making Mukuro watch
D.Spade/Chrome: bondage, from certain page in chapter 329
Daemon/Chrome: school uniform fetish (adding Mukuro OK)

Gamma/Chrome: using sex to improve family relations "We're just doing business and nothing personal"

Hibari/Chrome: Namimori uniform, handcuffs

Chrome/Ken: First time, at the old theatre

Mammon/Chrome: fluff (Mammon gender unspecified, mod assuming male) 

Mukuro/Chrome: Mukuro possesses ONLY Chrome's mind, stays as a girl and teaches how to use her body in bathroom 
Mukuro/Chrome: oral sex in public, Mukuro teaches Chrome to return the favor
Mukuro/Chrome: blackout and underwear switch, awkwardness
TYL!Chrome/Mukuro: TYL!Chrome takes advantage of a surprised younger Mukuro
Mukuro/Chrome: rehearsal for seducing Tsuna, no penetration
Mukuro/Chrome: TYL or AU TYL, pregnant sex
Chrome/Mukuro: Mukuro teaches Chrome to top

Ryohei/Chrome: both TYL, romantic sex, cuddling

Shouichi/Chrome: anything, preferably comfort sex

Tsuna/Chrome: sweet, fluffy, first times, Tsuna on top
Chrome/Tsuna: blowjob

Xanxus/Chrome: forced exploration
Xanxus/Chrome: Chrome's first time, dirty talk from Xanxus

Daemon/Elena: lovemaking

Gokudera's Mother/Shamal
Shamal/GokuMommy: anything goes- cheating, Shamal as Gokudera's daddy, Shamal's first love...

TYL!Ryohei/Hana: first time, no bazooka time limit, Ryohei gets replaced while dating Hana

Dino/Haru: "What if I say please?"

Gokudera/Haru: sex on a piano
Gokudera/Haru: accidental stimulation

TYL!Hibari/Haru: bloodplay, masochist, gun-wielding Haru
TYL!Hibari/TYE!Haru: jailbait, handcuffs, masochism

Adult!Reborn/Haru: Haru views a very mafia Reborn, smut/masturbation or just thinking, bonus points for cosplay (see prompt)


Shouichi/Haru: cosplay

Kawahira/I-pin: late ramen delivery (long prompt)

Adult!Colonello/Kyoko: cunnilingus, teasing, Colonello thanks Kyoko for taking care of him, bonus if same bath and/or Ryohei walks in but believes Colonello's excuse

Enma/Kyoko: Enma takes what Tsuna loves as revenge, realizes he loves her?

Tsuna/Kyoko: sweet and sexy first time

Lal Mirch/Colonello
Colonello/Lal: too much is not enough
Colonello/Lal: first time, bonus for fluff
Colonello/Lal: underwater sex

Fon/Luce: friends who fuck but classier

Luce/Reborn: dominant Luce

Verde/Luce: kidnapping

M.M./Fran: Fran pretends to be Mukuro to seduce M.M. and finds out she's kinky

Gokudera/M.M.: dynamite

Mammon/M.M.: silent sex, use a wad of money to bite on

Xanxus/M.M.: Xanxus likes redheads

Bel/Mammon: knives
Girl!Adult!Mammon/Bel: Mammon in frilly pic dress (image reference), femdom
Bel/Adult!Mammon: Bel finds out Mammon is a girl, optional bloodplay
Bel/Mammon: TYL, after TYL arc, slow and sensual
(please note that Mammon/Viper's gender has never been revealed. Until it is, Mammon is female or male as the requester desires without necessarily being a gender-bend.)

Daemon/Nana: sweet sex

Dino/Nana: Dino and Tsuna's mom on the kitchen table, Tsuna voyeurism

Shamal/Nana: comfort-sex

Tsuna/Nana: incest, the reason Tsuna hates visitors

Xanxus/Nana: in the kitchen, non- or dub-con

Shitt P./Gokudera
Gokudera/Shitt P.: Gokudera decides to learn about alien mating rituals first hand

Fran/Uni: in back of a bus, at night, mime?

Gamma/Uni: costumes
Uni/Gamma: loli, hesitant Gamma

Hibari/Uni: fluff, based on fanart prompt (see prompt for link)

Mukuro/Uni: hardcore making out

Spanner/Uni: candy, age difference/pedophilia

Involving Fem!guys
Hibari/fem!Dino: aggressive 18, first times especially for fem-Dino
Hibari/Girl!Dino: whips and handcuffs

Giotto/fem!G: drunk sex

G/fem!Gokudera: sequel to another story

Hibari/fem!Gokudera: (long prompt)
Hibari/fem!Gokudera: fuck or die, Gokudera drugged and crying

Tsuna/fem!Gokudera: office kink, roleplay

Yamamoto/Girl!Gokudera: lactation
Yamamoto/Girl!Gokudera: spanking
Girl!Gokudera/Yamamoto: TYL, sexual torture
Yamamoto/fem!Gokudera: mod doesn't know- fetishizing female Gokudera?

Dino/GirlHibari: marriage/consummating a marriage

Mukuro/fem!Hibari: Hibari as geisha, striptease, spanking, slavery
Mukuro/fem!Hibari: toys, multiple orgasms
Mukuro/Girl!Hibari: anal, dirty talk, hair-pulling

Ryohei/Girl!Hibari: 33 seduces 18

Fran/fem!Mukuro: wet panties (not watersports)

fem!Reborn/Tsuna: domination, fem dom

fem!Squalo/Dino: fem dom, D/s powerplay, bondage

Xanxus/GirlSqualo: bondage, power issues
Xanxus/GirlSqualo: jealousy, loud sex in a public venue

Byakuran/fem!Tsuna: spoils of war, rape, darkfic
Byakuran/fem!Tsuna: non-con, dominance, oral

Giotto/Girl!Tsuna: orgasm denial, clothes fetish

fem!HDW!Tsuna/Hibari: femdom

Reborn/GirlTsuna: foot worship (see prompt)
Adult!Reborn/GirlTYL!Tsuna: Tsuna gets turned into a girl by accident, Reborn walks in her putting a bra

Ryohei/Girl!Tsuna: extreme-ly good first time

fem!Tsuna/Yamamoto: TYL, femdom, strong Tsuna

Tsuna/Girl!Xanxus: arranged marriage, dom!Tsuna (see prompt)

Gokudera/Girl!Yamamoto: TYL, oblivious Yamamoto
fem!Yamamoto/Gokudera: Yamamoto jealous of Shitt.P, large breasts

Hibari/fem!Yamamoto: large breasts, hungry Hibari

Reborn/fem!Yamamoto: large breasts

fem!Yamamoto/Tsuna: fem-dom?

Sqaulo/Anri Sunohara (Durarara!!): Anri loses a battle and has to pay the price
Chrome/Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji): "one hell of a lover"
Ryohei/Tifa (FF7): (no prompt)
Xanxus/Galaxia (Sailor Moon): dirty talk rough sex, calling each other 'trash'

Byakuran/GHOST: selfcest
TYL!Tsuna/Tsuna: post TYL arc, bazooka malfunction, first time for Tsuna, hints of 5927 or 8027 future
TYL!Tsuna/Tsuna: on the Vongola throne
TYLHibari/Hibari: Selfcest, both of them are willing.
HDW!Tsuna/Tsuna: narcissism, diffidence, dub-con
TYL!Shouichi/Shouichi: optional dirty talk, Shouichi's bad side, dub-con on TYB!Shouichi a must
TYL!Ryohei/Ryohei: extreme multiple orgasms, "It's technically masturbation to the extreme!
Band AU Gokudera/AU Gokudera who hates Tsuna: comparing music or hobbies
Ryohei/TYL!Ryohei: Ryohei masterbating to his TYL self masturbating
TYL!Ryohei/Ryohei: TYL teached Ryohei his own sweet spots

Anyone/Bluebell: Bluebell dressed as Hatsune Miku
Girl!Ryohei/Anyone: anything, points for femmeslash
Anyone/Mukuro and Mukuro/Chrome: (long prompt- short version= 69 is raped in 96's place)
Xanxus/Anyone: someone gives Xanxus an unusual liquor bottle for his birthday. He punishes the sender
Unspecified: Longchamp crashing wet dreams (see prompt)
Anyone/Squalo: Squalo on bottom
Bullies/Enma: groping, non-con
Dino/Random Mafioso: Dino lets an older Mafioso fuck him in a bathroom stall and likes it
Yamamoto/Any Male (not Gokudera, Hibari prefered): Running the bases (see prompt)
Vampire!Hibari/anyone: "I'll suck you to death", crack welcome
Anyone/Squalo: bondage, orgasm denial, reduced Squalo to a shivering, tearing mess
Knuckle/anyone: before priesthood, no-guilt sex
Anyone/Byakuran: Byakuran bottoms, bonus if Mukuro
Anyone/Enma: beaten, bloody, bruised, abused uke shota
Anyone/Adult!Lal: forced submission, bondage, discipline, can be threesome
Anyone/Gokudera: humiliation, can be multiple partners
Anyone/Anyone: Mukuro/Tsuna prefered, sounding
Any Primo Guardian/Any Decimo Guardian: during the Primo arc in the anime, Primo Guardian watches Decimo Guardian masturbate and judges them for it or on it
• Any guardian or Varia/Yamamoto: implied no Chrome, naive or half-conscious Yama, Gokudera watching and worried 
• Unspecified enemy/Yamamoto: Yama gives himself up to save the others, tentacle rape
• Anyone/Gokudera: short shorts, molestation/groping
Dino/Anyone: watersports
Anyone/Yamamoto: Air Gear cosplay (implied male partner only)
Anyone/Hibari: "Shibari Hibari" (don't ask, mod doesn't know. Apparently it's supposed to be obvious- some sort of pun?) (implied male partners only)
Giotto/Tsuna/bad guy: basically villain forces other two (really long prompt)
Any pairing: "I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves."
Mukuro or Bel or Yamamoto or Rasiel/Anyone: laughing during sex (implied male partners only)
Anyone/Yamamoto: baseball-patterned anal beads (implied male partners only)
Anyone/Yamamoto: cold war (see scenario) (implied male partners only)
Reborn/Anyone: Leon makes a mind-control bullet
Anyone/Yamamoto: no pants Yamamoto (implied male partners only)
Ryohei/Anyone: extreme wet dreams
Anyone/Yamamoto: magical boy AU, rape (implied male partners only)
Anyone except Lussuria/Ryohei: Ryohei in a kilt (implied male partners only)
Anyone/Yamamoto: apron, nipples, fingering (implied male partners only)
Anyone/Hibari: captivity, rape, literally biting to death
Anyone/Tsuna: boypussy (sort of futanari but no breasts)
Tsuna/any female character: Tsuna as a prostitute

Ryohei/virtually everyone: competition to see who gets into Ryohei's pants first
Squalo/several others: Squalo as a succubus/incubus
Tsuna/Guardians and others: Tsuna as a succubus/incubus
Yamamoto/Everyone: people come to Japan to get in Yama's pants
Hibari/Everyone: everyone who is with Hibari thinks they're special
TYL!Tsuna/TYL!Guardians: Tsuna's goal is to top his guardians
Girl!Byakuran: world domination, male harem
Girl!Adult!Reborn/Everyone: harem
Everyone/Squalo: porny version of Alice in Wonderland with Squalo as Alice
All/fem!Tsuna: pregnant sex (implied Vongola only "all")
Everyone you can think of: orgy, includes box animals

Multiple Pairings ("A and B" options)
TYL!Yamamoto/TYL!Gokudera and TYL!Gokudera/TYL!Tsuna: Not a threesome, angst, one way 80->59 and 59->27 (see prompt for quotes)
Mukuro/Tsuna/Hibari triangle: 18->27, 69 is screwing 27 just to get at 18, 27 aware of it
Tsuna/Male Guardians: non-orgy, nude calendar photoshoot
Mukuro/Julie and Mukuro/Chrome: posessive Mukuro, raping Julie because of his flirting with Chrome, some Mukuro/Chrome
TYL!Hibari/TYL!I-pin and TYL!Hibari/Adult!Fon: TYL18 courts TYL!I-pin while/and seducing Fon
Fran/Second Mist(+D.Spade/Mukuro): when Fran first joins Varia, he learns by experience from Mukuro what it means to have a Vongola ring
TYL!Kyoko/TYL!Haru/TYL!Bianchi/TYL!Chrome: tea and cake time together, chat evolves to sex talk about their husbands/lovers, can lead to sex tips. Husbands/lovers can be up to writer
Gokudera/Yamamoto and G/Ugetsu: uke Yama, G helps Gokudera, Ugetsu tells Yama about being with a moody tsundere
Mukuro/Tsuna and D.Spade/Giotto: Mukuro jealous over D.Spade flirting with Tsuna
Hibari/Chrome, turns into Mukuro/Hibari: rape
Everyone/Yamamoto: fucking competition for Yama's affection (partner pool not specified but implied male partners only)
Vongola Tenth Generation/Yamamoto: fighting over waking Sleeping Beauty
Mukuro/Tsuna turns into Tsuna/Chrome: Chrome was masturbating, Tsuna helps her finish
Chrome/Tsuna and Guardians: sex as thanks (long prompt)
TYL Guardians/young Tsuna (age 5): shota, teasing, crying
Hibari, Mukuro, and Xanxus/Yamamoto: demon AU, jealous Hibari

Multiple Choice ("A or B" options)
Yaoi pairings only
Dino, Yamamoto, Squalo, or Xanxus/Hibari: drugged!Hibari
Lambo tops: Lambo/Reborn, Lambo/Colonnello, or Lambo/Reborn/Colonnello: biting, begging, training
Ryohei or Yamamoto: wet dream about the other
Reborn/Yamamoto or Hibari: alcohol bottles, sex in a pub (see prompt)
Dino or Xanxus or Yamamoto/Squalo: Squalo complaining about size
Gokudera/Tsuna/Yamamoto, or 5927 or 8027: playing videogames, naughty uses of game gear
Spanner/Tsuna or Lancia/Tsuna or Xanxus/Tsuna: Shotacon
Xanxus or Dino/Squalo: enema followed by fisting/rimming, Squalo on the receiving end
Yamamoto/Gokudera or Hibari: Yamamoto tries sexting Gokudera but sends it to Hibari instead
Gokudera/Tsuna or Yamamoto/Tsuna: bodyswitching (see prompt)
Byakuran/Shouichi, Spanner/Shouichi, or Byakuran/Shouichi/Spanner: headphones as restraint, sound kink, fem!Shouichi ok
Bel/Xanxus or Squalo: spanking
Gokudera/several possibilies: alpha male Gokudera
Yamamoto/Gokudera or Dino/Gokudera: socks on, attention to legs
Hibari, Mukuro, Gokudera, or Tsuna/Yamamoto: angel AU, clueless Yama addicted to "milk"
Hibari or Dino/Gokudera: unrequited 59->27, drunk, non/dub-con, apologizing and crying
Hibari/Ryohei or Gokudera/Yamamoto: bathroom stall, noisy

Yuri and Het, including gender-swap
Gokudera or Yamamoto/Girl!Tsuna: fingering, first time sex
Girl!Hibari/Adelheid + Enma or Tsuna: voyeurism, bad girls or weapon fetish
(multiple het pairings to choose from): Cosmo 77 Positions Challenge
Basil or Fuuta/Kyoko: Kyoko falls in love while getting over Tsuna, first time or comfort sex
Skull/Girl!Viper or Gokudera/Haru: multiple orgasms, Skull/Goku has a tongue piercing that vibrates when they do down on their partner, bonus if Viper/Haru is vocal and someone catches
DW!Girl!Tsuna/Gokudera or Yamamoto: Dominant Tsuna

Could end up either
Gokudera/Haru or Hibari or Yamamoto: 59 does something naughty, caning
Bianchi, TYLChrome, TYLBel, TYLMukuro, Kikyou, Dino or Lal/Gokudera, Squalo, TYEHana, TYLKyoko, Bluebell, Daisy or Fon: fucking with hotel-provided shampoo, dub-con, character options ordered by favor
Bianchi/Gokudera's Mother or Gokudera/Gokudera's Mother: AU, age difference, psychological issues
Tsuna/Kyoko or Gokudera or Hibari: Giotto gives crappy relationship advice
Tsuna/certain cast members: Monster Hunter Tsuna AU
A/B: TYL, comfort in extreme situations (list of pairing suggestions in prompt)

Box Animals
Uri/Jirou: Uri tops
Gokudera/Uri: headjob, may be in bathtub
Nuts/Uri/Pikachu from Pokemon: using attacks in sex

Inanimate objects / Illusions / Non Applicable / lolwhat ?
Giant Frog/Fran: Fran loses a bet
Tentacles/Dino: thoroughly spent
Yamamoto/Electric Toothbrush: masturbating with the toothbrush
Tentacles/Yamamoto: prepubescent Yamamoto
Yamamoto/Illusion!Yamamoto: Chrome creates an illusion, bonus if she is nearby perving
D.Spade/Mukuro: Spade is in Chrome's body, tries to seduce Mukuro
Squalo/Feathers: Xanxus's feathers, Squalo thinking of Xanxus
Reborn/Leon/Lambo: TYL Reborn and Lambo, kinky Reborn, shapeshifting Leon
D.Spade possessing Kaoru/Yamamoto: rape
Yamamoto/Wall: masturbation
Hibari solo: teaching sex education, masturbation in front of class
Xanxus: solo or with someone not specified: sounding
Anyone/Anyone: anthropomorphic dinosaurs
Giotto/Anyone: Assassin's Creed fusion/crossover/AU starring Tsuna w/Giotto's memories
Chrome/trident: Chrome masturbates with the trident while Mukuro watches
Tentacles/Hibari: rape, bonus for triple penetration and no Mukuro

(Anonymous) on January 7th, 2011 08:05 am (UTC)
Anon (not original claimer) filled the prompt for "hibari/fem!gokudera, gokudera's not wearing underwear and hibari notices", sorry for late fill!

(Anonymous) on July 18th, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)
I actually filled one~.

Chrome/Mukuro: both TYL, nonpenetrative sex, not quite love
(Anonymous) on February 5th, 2012 07:45 am (UTC)
• Adult!Reborn/Haru: Haru views a very mafia Reborn, smut/masturbation or just thinking, bonus points for cosplay (see prompt)

This request has been filled.